Anne Prenner Schmidt is an accomplished family lawyer and certified Mediator. She draws on her legal and business experience to help resolve the serious issues impacted by conflict during the difficult process of marital dissolution. As a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois and a neutral results oriented facilitator she helps the parties avoid the stress, strain, lasting pain and expense resulting from litigation.  Her goal is always to develop cooperative agreements regarding parenting and finances – including retirement vehicles and property division. These successful interactions serve her clients by helping them to preserve important relationships and accomplish their goals, while saving time and financial resources in contrast to protracted litigation. 

Anne  has written and spoken extensively on the changes in federal benefit law post Obergefell v. Hodges. She is experienced in the legal nuances involved in same sex marriage and  the dissolution of same sex relationships. Federal law and state law are still evolving on the subject matter, particularly as it relates to pensions and healthcare for those within the community.

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